Moroccan pottery has been reknown since the twelfth century for its variety and sophistication, reflecting a very rich lifestyle. From Berber influence (geometric patterns) or Arab inspiration (floral and arabesque designs), potters develop decorative and utilitarian objects using ancestral techniques and tools, which differ by region. The ancient and traditional forms are enriched to meet current requirements, even though decorations often remains manual and artisanal. There are now all kinds of ceramic items: dishes, plates, jars, pots, inkwells, candlesticks, tagines, incense burners, etc.. Berber pottery can be found in the mountain regions (Middle and High Atlas, the Rif) as well as in the Sahara regions (Zagora). Most renowned "poterry cities" are Fez, Meknes, Salé, Safi and Marrakesh.

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