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Among the many beauty secrets of Moroccan women are powders based on kohl for eyes, and poppy for coloring lips and cheeks. Kohl is a mineral powder composed of a mixture of lead, sulfur and burnt wood, used to make up the eyelids. It can be black, gray, or colored, depending on the mixtures it contains. Traditionally, it is applied to the inner edge of the eyelid, using a wooden stick. After having coated it with kohl, one slips the stick between the two closed eyelids and, by a movement of back and forth, the kohl harmoniously emphasizes the eye or the eyelid. The aker is a natural lipstick from Morocco. This Berber lipstick is made according to the traditional uses of different regions, with grenadine bark, poppy powder, cochineal, etc. The texture of this treatment is similar to makeup. It is applied with the fingertips after moistening the powder. The color obtained gives a "bite lips" effect!

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